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Cake parfaits

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NGN 1580.00


Cake parfait is a dessert in a cup with ice cream/whipping cream(Buttercream is available on order.), it has different toppings such as coconut shavings, cherries, chocolate, Oreos, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, etc. it’s perfect for personal consumption and even parties.

Delivery options

  • Bowen University
  • Campus-Ibadan/Ede road
  • Ede-car park
  • Ede doorstep
  • Eleweeran-OUI
  • Ibadan-doorstep
  • Ibadan-Iwo road
  • Ife city-opa
  • Ikoyi quarters
  • Ile funfun
  • Iloromu and oranfe
  • Mayfair
  • OAUTHC and lagere
  • Oshogbo car park
  • Oshogbo doorstep
  • Parakin
  • Redeemers University, Ede
  • Staff quarters, OAU

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